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Top 50 Remote Work Advocates 2023

About three years ago, those of us who were office dwellers suddenly found ourselves working remotely. It was an abrupt change for many people and companies. Luckily, advancements in technology played a significant role in the rise of remote work. Without the technology available to us, remote work would not be possible on the scale it is today.

Remote work has many benefits including increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved work/life balance. But not every company subscribes to this mentality. Luckily, we have these advocates who are championing the benefits of remote work.  

The Rise of Remote Work Advocates

Remote work advocates are individuals who promote the benefits of working remotely. They argue that remote work can benefit employees, employers, and society as a whole. Some of the most vocal advocates for remote work include entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads.

  • Entrepreneurs have long recognized the benefits of remote work. By allowing their employees to work remotely, they can reduce overhead costs, such as office rent and utility bills. They can also hire talent from anywhere in the world, rather than being limited to a specific geographic location. This can result in a more diverse and skilled workforce, which can lead to increased innovation and productivity.
  • Freelancers are also strong advocates for remote work. As independent contractors, they are not tied to a specific location or office. This allows them to take on projects from clients all over the world, giving them access to a larger pool of potential clients and projects. They can also work on their own schedule, which can result in improved work-life balance.
  • Digital nomads are a newer breed of remote worker. They are individuals who use technology to work from anywhere in the world. They may travel frequently, working from coffee shops, co-working spaces, or even beaches. Digital nomads are strong advocates for remote work, as it allows them to live a more flexible and adventurous lifestyle while still earning an income.

Top 50 Remote Work Advocates 2023

These 50 remote work advocates represent the people who are driving the remote work movement forward. They are consultants, CEOs, authors, podcasters, evangelists, HR leaders, and more. These are the people who can help you convince your boss why remote work will be better for both you and your company.

Sarah Aviram
Employee Engagement and Retention Consultant, Author, Speaker

Josh Bersin
Global Industry Analyst, HR, business leadership, corporate L&D, and recruiting

Meghan M. Biro
Founder & CEO, TalentCulture

Tammy Bjelland
Founder + CEO, Workplaceless

Darcy Boles
Remote-First Consultant Shift with Darcy Marie

June Bolneo
Training Lead at Grow Remote, Founder of WorkRemote

Brittnee Bond
Remote Work Consultant, Founder at Remote Collective

Egor Borushko
Co-Founder | Producer, Running Remote

Sahin Boydas
Head of RemoteTeam, Gusto

Hilary Callaghan
Senior Technical Recruiter, Canva

Molood Ceccarelli
CEO & Founder, Remote Forever

Chris Cerra

Jesse Chambers
Founder & CEO, wrkfrce

Gloria Chen
Chief People Officer & EVP, Employee Experience, Adobe

Jessica Davies
Managing Editor WorkLife, Digiday Media

Annie Dean
VP, Team Anywhere, Atlassian

Nishchal Dua
Assistant Vice President Marketing, inFeedo

Kevin Eikenberry
Chief Potential Officer, The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Laurel Farrer
CEO, Distribute Consulting, Principal Strategy and Operations, Workplace, Gitlab

Samantha Fisher
Managing Director, Business on the Frontlines, University of Notre Dame

Mandy Fransz
Co-creator & Chief Community Officer (CCO), Remote Workers Worldwide

Jason Fried
CEO, Basecamp

Hailey Griffis
Head of Communications and Content, Buffer

Rachel Happe
Founder, Engaged Organizations

Shannon Hardy
Vice President, Flex Work, LinkedIn

Rowena Hennigan
Founder, Ro Remote

Chris Herd
CEO, Firstbase

Yanislava Hristova
Founder, Remote IT World

Libryia Jones
Founder, Quit Commuting

Monica Kang
Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBox

Tracy Keogh
Co-Founder, Grow Remote

Brianne Kimmel
Founder, Worklife Ventures

Daphnee Laforest
Distributed Operations Strategist, Modern Leaders

Karen Mangia
Vice President, Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce

Darren Murph
VP, Workplace Design and Remote Experience, Andela

Tsedel Neeley
Professor at Harvard Business School; Author, Remote Work Revolution

Srivatsan Padmanabhan
Co-founder & COO, GoFloaters

Ashley Rader Sell
Director, Remote Workforce, Cleveland Clinic

Ellyn Shook
Chief Leadership and HR Officer, Accenture

Kate Smith
Founder, Remote Nomad

John Sumser
Principal Analyst/CEO, HR Examiner

Lisette Sutherland
Director, Collaboration Superpowers

Sara Sutton
Founder & CEO, FlexJobs /

Iwo Szapar
Co-founder & Head of Remote, Remote-First.Institute

Vanessa Tierney
Co-Founder, CEO, Abodoo

William Tincup
President, RecruitingDaily

Mitch Turck
Head Of Communications, Fairing

Andrea Valeria
Remote Work Specialist & Content Creator, It’s a Travel O.D.

R “Ray” Wang
Founder, Chairman, & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Chase Warrington
Head of Remote, Doist

Congratulations to all of those who have been recognized and to everyone else who lives the remote work life. We here at Mobeus are a fully remote, global company. If you want to learn more about our favorite remote work tool, take a minute to discover Airglass.


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